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Client Story


A teacher at a local preschool, Evelyn taught music to Richard’s children over 15 years ago. While out mowing the lawn, her husband Arthur, had a major heart attack and sadly passed away at the early age of 59. Evelyn was visiting a friend in upstate New York when the tragic event occurred.

Our Process

We sat down with Evelyn, a recent widow for an initial meeting. She expressed her many worries and concerns about money she had, as well as the challenges in facing future cashflow problems and realizing her aims and vision for the future. Through our discussion, Evelyn expressed concerns she would outlive her money due to the age disparity between her and her husband. Luckily, Arthur had taken the precaution to purchase some life insurance through work. Life insurance has many uses and advantages and is often taken for granted up until the time to claim is made.

Based on everything Evelyn expressed in our initial meeting, we drafted a financial plan and Income analysis. To this day, it serves as a guidepost, inclusive of three overarching themes:

  • Evelyn’s desire to not only maintain her cash flow through retirement, but more importantly, to enhance her lifestyle with painting, relaxing, and spending more precious time with her children and grandkids.
  • Evelyn’s wish to help fund her grandchildren’s education expenses.
  • Consolidating all her late husband’s portfolio and stock options into a manageable location, and furthermore leave an inheritance for her children when she passes on from this world.


Our Recommendation

As Evelyn’s children were mostly independent by the time her husband passed, our initial goals for her were to consolidate and evaluate her options going forward. This involved identifying and coordinating a team of experts in taxation, estate planning and using our expertise of financial planning to form the blueprints for her success. Together we would consolidate and diversify her investments and assets to provide secure cash-flow throughout retirement. Along with that, figuring out the most tax efficient way to handle her late husbands’ insurance and stock options. And finally provide education funding for current and future grandkids, which was very important to Evelyn with her past in education.


Key  Objectives

  • Updating Evelyn’s personal estate and trust documents to account for changes in estate laws, and to incorporate mechanisms that would efficiently provide tax-efficient income to Evelyn through her lifetime.
  • Establishing and funding education accounts for her grandchildren.
  • Establishing trusts for her immediate family to simplify her estate plan for her descendants.
  • Protection of Evelyn’s wealth from any possible third-party litigation, both during and after her lifetime using trusts and proper estate planning.

Additional emphasis was placed on the minimization of taxes, with our team planning successfully for the:

  • Reduction of capital gain taxes upon the sale of her husband’s stock options and investments.
  • Reduction of estate taxes upon Evelyn’s passing and through future generations.
  • Consolidated her father’s assets to make financials easier on him and brought his estate plan up to date with the recent passing of his wife (Evelyn’s mother).



It has been almost a decade since Evelyn’s retirement, and she continues to enjoy life to its fullest. She often is spending time with her children and grandchildren, and she continues to meet each of the three aims articulated in her financial plan.

  • Cash flow streams that enable Evelyn to enhance her lifestyle throughout retirement. (Evelyn loves to paint, spend time babysitting for grandkids and living every precious moment to the fullest)
  • Help family members with ongoing education expenses of her grandchildren. (She has 3 grandchildren so far and possibly more in the future)
  • Consolidated and Managed the life insurance assets on Arthur to help grow and diversify Evelyn’s portfolio.


Actual performance and results will vary. This example does not constitute a recommendation as to the suitability of any investment for any person or persons having circumstances similar to those portrayed, and a financial advisor should be consulted for your specific situation.