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Financial Planning Workshops

Valley Forge Wealth Management offers a comprehensive workshop to educate individuals on the importance of personal financial planning.  In addition, we offer topic specific workshops that are shorter in length.   

Estate Planning: Getting Your Legal Documents in Order

Participants will learn about:

  • The importance of having a valid will, power of attorney and living will
  • Tax effective ways to give to charities
  • Using a corporate trustee vs. a family member
  • Choosing an executor that is right for you
  • Transferring of assets during life and after death
  • Planning for young children, dependents and pets

Inheritance Planning for Beneficiaries

Have you been designated as an executor? Are you a person that will be giving or receiving an inheritance?  Attendees will learn about:

  • What an executor's job really is
  • What you should know when you inherit an IRA/401K account
  • Inherited IRA’s and Required Minimum Distributions
  • Tax ramifications


College Planning Workshop

Someday soon, your kids will be ready for college.  Will you be ready to send them?  Parents/guardians will learn about:

  • 529 Plans
  • Education IRAs
  • Types of college loans
  • Tuition Discounts/Scholarships


Retirement savings challenges for women

When it comes to saving for retirement, women face a number of unique challenges. Living longer, living alone, and career interruptions are some of them. It's important to recognize these challenges. You will learn about:

  • Spousal & Survivor benefits from Social Security and/or pension plans
  • What to do with your 401K (or your deceased spouse’s plan)
  • How to handle your (or your ex-spouse’s) 401K or IRA if you get divorced
  • IRA distribution strategies to ensure a lifetime of income


Planning for Social Security

With over 2800 rules, Social Security is one of the most misunderstood benefit systems we have; it is also frequently mismanaged by people claiming benefits.  Attendees will learn:

  • When to claim their benefits
  • Special options for widows / widowers
  • How to maximize benefits between a couple
  • How to claim benefits based on a previous marriage