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Think of your initial consultation with a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional, like the first date -- Being a little nervous is ok, and there is a lot of information that is shared to get to know one another.    

What can I expect?

We will get to know each other, go over any pressing concerns and financial goals on your mind. At this time we can evaluate if it makes sense to move forward.

What should I be prepared for?

Lots of information gathering.  You can ask any questions about us and our practice, and we will ask questions to find out more about you, your family dynamic, financial situation, as well as your long a short-term goals.

Do I need to bring anything?
We advise having a spouse, partner, or other significant family member know your long-term goals; they should come to this initial appointment if you are comfortable.

While not mandatory to bring anything on your first appointment, if you have something that is time sensitive please plan to bring it. Here are some other pieces of information that prove helpful for our initial consultation:

Income / projected expenses

  • Assets
  • Financial statements from an IRA or 401K, other investments.
  • Wills or trusts
  • Pension information or stock options
  • Most recent tax return
  • Know your companies benefit offerings and what you are participating in – it is helpful to know what your company provides for you.  Knowing if you company offers any retirement, 401K, insurance or any other type of benefits can help.

This may seem like information overload, but it has a purpose. It gives the advisor a basic overview on the state of your financial status before a custom plan is created to help achieve your goals.  Think of our first appointment like visiting a doctor’s office for the first time. At the medical doctor you fill out a lengthy, detailed health history to help the doctor put together a snapshot of your entire health history (often including the health your parents and grandparents).  Same goes for our office, we need that general overview of all things related to and affecting your finances (oftentimes including your children, parents, and other significant family members.)

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